Friday, August 24, 2012

We Have a New Additional Office! Inc is growing, and so is our office! For over a decade our team has been helping businesses develop state of the art websites with our website design services, and reach the top of Google with our search engine optimization services. Our team has grown to include Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSD) and Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSE), expert Computer Programmers, and fresh Marketing minds, educated in the age of the internet. It's now time for us to expand into new markets to better serve our growing customer base. We are proud to announce the  
GRAND OPENING of our new office in HAMILTON, ONTARIO. 
 Our new additional location in Hamilton is located at 1 Hunter St. East, easily accessible by car and across the street from GoTransit services.
Our Hamilton, Ontario office location will offer the same great services that we offer at out head office location in London including: is excited to be able to help more businesses in the Hamilton and surrounding area. Our search engine optimization services can put your business on the digital map. Here are some ways our search engine optimization can help your Hamilton, Ontario business:
  1. Google Maps Listings allow mobile users to phone your company right from Google! No writing down of phone numbers, or searching through your website. A well optimized site will allow users to search for a product or service you carry, and see your business first.
  2.  Increase Traffic to your website by telling search engines what your page is about! "Increased traffic" is a buzz word that doesn't mean much without converting that traffic into customers. works with you to increase the chances of customers taking action once they get to your website!
  3. Be seen in more places with our Smart Link Building! Did you know there's good links and bad links? Our experience has shown us that Google will penalize businesses that add themselves to unreputable directories or websites on the internet. We can quickly spot good links and bad links, so your business can grow its digital presence.
  4. Lead customers right to your most profitable products! Many businesses know how to lead customers to the most profitable products once they are in the store... but it's difficult to translate this into the online world. works with our and our data collected from search engines to make it easier to lead customers to profitable pages. We share our research with you so you can use it to your businesses best advantage.
We hope you'll follow our blog for updates at and in the internet marketing industry. We like to keep our customers and followers up to date so you can make the most of your digital experience.

For any information about our new location and the services we offer, please contact us at  or 905-963-8825 (Hamilton Office)

Our Head Office is still located at:

383 Richmond St., Suite 501
London, Ontario
N6A 3C4


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